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Welcome Good People,

This our official website. In this section we are going to talk about the reason behind the existence of this site, what we want from our family, our contact information, some rules of the page, and at last but not least a small token of gratitude towards our slowly growing community.

1) The Reason Behind The Existence Of The Page:-

We made this page with a single objective in our mind and that is to make honest and unbiased reviews on computer hardware mostly, but also other tech gadgets that catch our attention.

Other than the main objective we are also gonna talk about the latest gossips and news brewing in the PC world.

2) What We Want From Our Family:-

We want you guys to follow up and like this page, every follow and or like matters to us. Every interaction is very highly valued by us. Apart from this, we would also like to know what are things you want us to review…we will be trying our level best to fulfill your request.

We are also looking for a few page admins to moderate the Facebook page and group let us know in the comments or message us if you are interested and can take on the responsibilities.

3) Some Rules Of Hardware Corpus:-

Please keep your comments civil, avoid political controversies. Racism and religious biases won’t be tolerated on this page.

4) Our Contact Information:-

Contact us by messaging or commenting on our posts.
For business inquiries and for brands please contact us at [email protected].

5) A Small Gift for Our Community:-

We are planning to organize a very small giveaway to give back to the community. Let us know what u guys think. Peace.

Thank You

-Hardware Corpus

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