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Deepcool PK550D 550W Power Supply Overview

Deepcool has solidified its place in the PSU market with its competitive pricing and solid quality. Over the last few months, the company has introduced several budget lineups to expand its potential market. These included the more value-oriented offering, the PF series, and the bit more expensive PM series. Recently, the company came up with the PK series, which is supposed to be a middle ground between the PF and PM lineups.

Deepcool was kind enough to send over the 550W variant in the PK series, the PK550D. We are giving a brief overview and component analysis of this power supply in this article.


The PK lineup is budget-oriented. The pricing of all the offerings in this lineup is quite competitive.

Official website page:

ProductPricing (in USD)Pricing (in INR)
Deepcool PK-D Series PK450D Power SupplyUS$ 40₹2,915
Deepcool PK-D Series PK550D Power SupplyUS$ 50₹3,525
Deepcool PK-D Series PK650D Power SupplyUS$ 56₹4,255
Deepcool PK-D Series PK750D Power SupplyUS$ 68₹5,165

Some other noteworthy features of this PSU are:

  1. All of the PK-D series power supplies are 80+ Bronze rated.
  2. The PSU is based on an OEM design from Taiwan-based Channel Well Technology, CWT. CWT is a well-known manufacturer in the PSU OEM market.
  3. The PK-D PSUs come with 5 years of warranty in contrast to the 3 years given by most brands.
  4. The power supplies come with flat black cables.

Overall, the PSU looks promising pre-delivery.


The packaging Deepcool’s minimalist formula. It is not the latest we have seen from the company, but it still feels premium.

Overall, the unboxing experience was good. 

External Looks

We like the full black build of this PSU. The power button is painted in teal, and the attention to detail is praiseworthy. We also have a small Deepcool logo on both sides of the unit. 

The PSU also has a full 120mm fan that takes up most of the top intake. Overall, it looks very minimalist. Deepcool’s usual design language has been carried over to this product as well.

Cables Overview

The PSU includes all necessary cables. The full list is included below:

  1. The very necessary 24-pin ATX power connector, which has been split to a 20+4 form factor to accommodate some old motherboards as well. 
  2. This PSU has dual 8-pin CPU EPS connectors. This will help users run the latest Intel Alder Lake processors with an ease as they need a lot of power.
  3. This PSU has two 8-pin PCIe power connectors which have been daisy-chained into one cable. This is fine for a 550W PSU.
  4. This PSU has six SATA cables which have been distributed across two cables. 
  5. It also comes with three MOLEX connectors. We do not understand the point behind including MOLEX power connectors in 2022.

This PSU comes with all cables you could ask for, especially at the price point.

Internal Looks

Taking this power supply apart is quite simple. It is protected securely by four Philips head screws on the top, and one of them has a warranty seal. Once you take these screws off, the top panel slides out. This panel also has the fan in-built into it.

The included fan is a 120mm server-grade fan from an OEM named Martech. It is a 12V 0.42A rated design, which can pull up to 5.04W.

This fan does not come with an active stop technology, and it does full speed all the time. The included power connector is 2 pin with just positive and negative terminals. It does not come with voltage control.

A part of the fan is also protected by an acrylic piece in the bottom. This will ensure airflow on the parts where it is needed, which in this case is this part with the heatsinks.

Since this PSU is based on a CWT-made design, all the parts that you would find inside it, like the capacitors and transformers are either made in Taiwan or China, as some Taiwanese companies have their factories in China. 

The majority of capacitors on this PSU are electrolytic. The big chungus radial-type aluminium filter capacitor is a Teapo TC A3. It is rated for a massive 6000 to 10,000 hours endurance at 105℃. Teapo is an experienced Taiwanese manufacturer, so do not let the country of origin scare you away. It has been 15 years since the capacitor plague ended. 

CWT, however, opts for a cost-saving route with the other capacitors on this thing. Most of the other caps are from Jun Fu or North Latitude Electronic company. Electrolytic capacitors are some fancy cost savings too. But, the two on the DC board are solid polymer caps.

Although we see so many cost-saving techniques, the PSU does include a MOV. But, it was impossible to find out which varistor is being used here.

The Y-caps on this thing are KL332M caps, and they originate from Taiwan as well.

The included rectifiers are STMicroelectronics’ STTH8S06. ST is a Swiss semiconductor manufacturer. The rectifiers have been attached to quite sizeable heatsinks.

The transformers on this PSU are CWT branded. The main AC to 12V DC transformer is an ERL35, which is manufactured by Guangdong based Misun Technologies. 

The 12V to 5V DC and 3.3V DC transformers are CWT’s EE lineup of transformers.

The PCB on which all of these components sit is completely black, and the quality is quite good. 

This PSU has all of the following protections. This is a great selling point too.

  1. SCP
  2. OPP
  3. OTP
  4. OVP
  5. OCP
  6. UVP

Overall, there are some cost cuttings here and there, but, it still packs all of the necessary components one could ask for. And, all of this makes this design very appealing, to say the least.

Value and Conclusion

Now, coming to the value for money aspect, this PSU will sell for around 3500 rupees or 50$. At this price point, it has a lot of competitors like Cooler Master’s MWE V2, Corsair’s CV550, Antec’s NE550M and Thermaltake TR2. Some of these competitors are worse than this PSU. And, some are quite competitive and up to the par with what Deepcool has to offer. And, since you can find it at around 3,500 rupees, it gives Deepcool a bit of a competitive edge as the other offerings cost almost 4,000. 

The PK550D is a solid competitor. And, it is good to see another offering at this price point.

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Extreme PC enthusiast. Makes cool PC related videos over on YouTube!

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