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NZXT Launches a Revamped H1, The H1 V2.

The all-new NZXT H1 provides a beautifully small vertical chassis, maintaining full-sized GPU compatibility. The building experience is streamlined, with pre-routed cable channels and an integrated PSU and AIO liquid cooler. The dual-chamber exhaust layout maintains superior cooling for the CPU and GPU, providing each with a dedicated air source.

  • Toolless panels and SSD tray for easy installation
  • Chassis size accommodates the latest NVIDIA 30 series & AMD 6000 series graphics cards
    • Up to 58mm in height and 324mm in width
  • 140mm AIO liquid cooling with a fan controller
  • SFX 750W Gold PSU included
  • Two USB gen 3.2 ports, one USB C port, and a 3.5 mm audio jack
  • PCIe gen 4.0 compatible riser cable supports maximum 25GBps bandwidth

Changes Made to The H1

In looking in areas to improve from the first H1 launched in 2020, NZXT wanted to address GPU compatibility because the demands for cooling and power consumption have changed. Additionally, the community asked for better GPU thermals of the H1 as well. That is why The NZXT H1 now comes in a bigger size to accommodate larger GPUs. The case now comes in at 40.5cm*19.6cm*19.6cm compared to the 38.7cm*18.7cm*18.7cm.  NZXT also increased the wattage in the included SFF PSU from 650w 80plus gold to 750w 80 plus gold. The additional real estate has allowed for improved cooling performance by increasing the size of the holes in the perforated panels. The thermals also get a head-start from the included 92mm rear exhaust fan for the GPU. Finally, NZXT has added a PCIe gen 4 compatible riser cable, which has been revamped from the ground up to support the latest standards for GPUs. These improvements make the H1 a very high performance and the easy case for people to build the SFF that is equipped to handle the latest hardware. Other notable differences include an additional USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A, increased GPU compatibility up to 58mm in thickness, and 324mm in length.

The H1 V2 also comes with an integrated fan controller with NZXT cam support. 

Main Highlights


The compact vertical design provides a small spatial footprint while maintaining support for most full-sized GPU on the market so you can maintain your desk real estate without sacrificing graphics power. 


The toolless SSD tray and riser card are incredibly simple to install. In addition to pre-routed cables, the motherboard I/O faces down, routing all cables through the bottom of the case for a clean, simplified appearance. 


Integrated power supply and AIO liquid cooler provide a better build experience, along with pre-routed cables that make it easy to manage the clutter and cut down on build time. An integrated PCIe Riser card is also included for vertical GPU mounting.


The dual-chamber airflow is thermally designed to allow the CPU, GPU, and PSU to pull in the fresh air, and exhaust hot air without affecting the temperatures of neighboring components. 


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