Ant Esports launches GW180 Corsa racing wheel and RC200 racing cockpit

Ant Esports launches GW180 Corsa racing wheel and RC200 racing cockpit

Ant Esports, a prominent name in the Gaming and IT hardware sector, has recently announced the introduction of their latest offerings, specifically designed to transform the Simulation Racing Experience (SIM) in India. These innovations include the Ant Esports GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel and the RC200 Racing Cockpit, which are set to appeal to both novice and expert SIM racers, contributing to the growth of SIM racing culture within the country.

Ant Esports GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel: A Fresh Approach to Racing Simulation

The GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel exemplifies Ant Esports' commitment to providing top-tier products at a reasonable price. It boasts a 270-degree lock-to-lock rotation, offering a lifelike driving sensation. Its ergonomic design and modifiable controls bring the excitement of racing directly to gaming fans. This wheel is compatible with Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox, ensuring a flexible and smooth gaming experience across different platforms.

Ant Esports RC200 Racing Cockpit: Enhancing Your SIM Racing Experience

The RC200 Racing Cockpit elevates SIM racing with its sturdy carbon steel build, an adjustable bucket seat, and tailored wheel and pedal mounts. Its frame is highly adaptable, from length to recline angle, catering to users of varying sizes and preferences. The addition of protective pads beneath the frame highlights Ant Esports' attention to detail, promoting stability and protecting the floor.

Harish G, Product Manager at Ant Esports, commented on the launch, stating, "Ant Esports is driven by the goal to democratize the SIM racing experience. We strive to offer everyone the chance to engage in the thrill of virtual racing affordably. The GW180 Racing Wheel and RC200 Racing Cockpit embody our commitment to providing high-quality products at accessible prices, empowering gamers to reach their peak in the exciting realm of SIM racing."

Ant Esports invites gamers and racing aficionados to join in this thrilling venture, as the GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel and RC200 Racing Cockpit set new benchmarks for immersive and attainable SIM racing in India.

Availability The Ant Esports GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel and Pedal set, along with the RC200 Racing Cockpit, are now available through Ant Esports' extensive network of authorized retailers and distributors, as well as directly from the Ant Esports official website and major E-Commerce platforms. These products come with a one-year warranty and are supported by Ant Esports' nationwide customer service and technical assistance network. For current pricing details, visit the Ant Esports website or contact a local sales or PR representative.

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