Gateron Milky Yellow Pro (35 Pcs)

Sale priceRs. 750.00

Quantity: 35
  • Comes in a pack of 35 pieces.
  • Factory lubed (pre-lubed)
  • 5-pin pcb mount switches.
  • Gateron SMD Mechanical key switches with cross-type contact form.
  • Featured Characteristic : Linear

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Deepjoti Roy
Best budget lenear switch

You cant go wrong with this switch, you can blindly pick this for any board, comes factory lubd. best budget deep sounding switch for a thocky sound profile. Many many thanks to HC for bringing this switch. fast delivery and good service. keep the good work guys, long long way to go.

Akash Bagchi
Perfect weight and sound

These Gateron Milky Pro Yellows are the first linear, as well as first factory-lubed switches I'm using, and I have to say I'm extremely impressed.
They sound quite thocky out of the box when used with the CIY Tester84 and "This is Plastic" XDA keycap set. For reference my previous switches were unlubed Outemu blue clickies, so this definitely sounds a whole world apart.
In terms of pricing as well, I think the value for money is great in these switches, and would definitely recommend to someone looking for a lighter linear switch.

Shoutout to the Hardwarecorpus team for calling me mere seconds after I placed my order and informing me that my ordered amount of switches would fall short for the Tester84. They saved me the hassle and delays of realizing it only after receiving the items, and thanks to them I was able to build the keyboard without any hiccups.